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Commitment to people and the environment

Pest Free Solutions can support you with all aspect of wildlife management, both on a consultancy basis or through onsite pest control support services. Our knowledge of wildlife preservation and ethical management is of the highest level and we understand the need to control wildlife yet safeguard public health.
We tend to see an increase in wildlife invasions during the colder months, when pests seek shelter and warmth. Having said that a wildlife invasion can occur at any time of the year but there are some tell-tale signs to indicate if you are harbouring a trespasser.

Finding wildlife in your home or workplace is no laughing matter, it can be extremely stressful and dangerous. Aside from causing extensive physical damage to buildings and its contents, the pests themselves can spread harmful diseases, bacteria and infections to you, your staff and your customers, not to mention leaving a bad reputation for you and your business.

Wildlife Invasion Indicators;

· Excrement and Droppings

· Foul Smells and Stains

· Chewed Wiring

· Insulation Damage

· Scratching Noises (Rustling Noises more common at dusk)

· Disturbed Refuge Area

· Damaged Food Packaging

As you can imagine, if the wildlife problem is ignored, the pests can potentially cause costly structural damage and continue to reproduce. But rest assured Pest Free Solutions can deal with all wildlife pests and can provide quick, effective and affordable solutions whether your needs are domestic or commercial.

What you can expect

Our team of professionals will assess your situation and advice a practical solution that best fits your needs. We ensure pest removal is always carried out by trained professionals in a practical, safe and ethical manner;

· Quick response and fast acting

· Straight forward

· Discreet

· Diligent

· Risk free

· Professional

· Fully insured

· Compliance with UK legislation and regulation

· Expert advice on preventative solutions

If you would like to know more about our fly-tipping removal service, please call 0800 389 8124, alternatively email
As part of our in-depth survey, our experts will always assess the wildlife entry and exit points into the property as well as identifying any nests or roosts. Establishing a safe and effective removal plan is then the next priority, followed by trapping and removing all wildlife using humane and specialised methods that comply with UK Legislation and Regulation.

Following this we enclose, seal and secure the property to ensure the pests cannot retreat inside. We pride ourselves in guaranteeing you a pest free property and offer expert preventive solutions.

We STRONGY advise that you DO NOT attempt to remove any wildlife yourself. This may cause injury or jeopardise the safety or yourself or others. There are many cheap and simple methods available online to help rid your property of pests, but these may contain harmful or hazardous ingredients or encourage cruelty to animals thus breaking the law.

By leaving it to the professionals and requesting the services of Pest Free Solutions you are guaranteed pest free premises. Baits and traps can be used in some instances, but these increase the risk of wildlife attacking you when attempting to free the pest and can create unsanitary conditions which pose further risk to health and which will need further maintenance to clear up.


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About us 

Our Pest Control Officers will deal with pests that are harmful to Public Health and well-being. All our staff are fully qualified and hold either the Royal Society of Health in Pest Control or the British Pest Control Association certificates, Levels 1 and 2.