Deer Management

There’s no doubt that deer are beautiful creatures but at Pest Free Solutions we know only too well the nuisance they cause to both domestic and commercial estates. Deer can cause a significant amount of damage to gardens and agricultural land. They eat a large amount of vegetation, fruit and flowering plants, making your garden/estate one big all you can eat buffet! As well as being a physically menace, deer also attract the dreaded ‘Deer Tick’ which is well known for its spread and transmission of ‘Lyme Disease’ which poses a significant threat to humans.

What you can expect

Our detailed, comprehensive and cost-effective deer management solutions aim to;

· Assess the cause – entry and exits points to the land

· Establish a safe and effective management plan

· Use specialist methods that comply with UK Legislation and regulation

· Enclose, seal and secure your land/premises to ensure the deer cannot get back in

· Guarantee you a pest free area

· Offer ongoing expert preventive solutions

Fully insured and a licensed, Pest Free Solutions will ensure;

· A fast response and call out service

· Use specialist methods that comply with UK Legislation and regulation

· Discretion

· Duty of care

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About us 

Our Pest Control Officers will deal with pests that are harmful to Public Health and well-being. All our staff are fully qualified and hold either the Royal Society of Health in Pest Control or the British Pest Control Association certificates, Levels 1 and 2.