Long-Term Ethical Pest Control Solutions

Investment for the future

Pest Free Solutions have a reputation for the highest service levels in ethical commercial pest control throughout the industry, working in all sectors from well known brands to small residential infestations. We’re cost-effective, have rapid response times and are backed by leading regulatory bodies. We really do know the world of pest control inside and out!

The legislation regarding public health issues for your business are constantly changing. To help ensure that you and your business comply with current regulation, we at Pest Free Solutions will offer you the latest information and advice your business needs. Failing to comply with these regulations may lead to serious issues including prosecution, lost revenue and serious damage to your business reputation.

Commercial Pest Control Servicers

Prevention Is Key

Whatever your business type, particularly if you store, prepare or serve food, you are legally responsible to show due diligence towards pest control. Our technicians are highly trained and along with eradicating any pests, can offer you the best advice to remain pest free. Investing in an ongoing Pest Prevention Service, helps with early detection of any potential pest issues and allows us to stop them escalating and causing major issues for your company further down the line.

Learn Together…

Did you know we offer Pest Awareness Training for your employees? This informative training utilises your own company resources and ensures you are proactive in regard to pest control, with your own employee’s able to identify any early signs of infestation.


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About us 

Our Pest Control Officers will deal with pests that are harmful to Public Health and well-being. All our staff are fully qualified and hold either the Royal Society of Health in Pest Control or the British Pest Control Association certificates, Levels 1 and 2.